Want to be involved?
Many members of FLHS are involved in the "Be An Upstander" campaign. Students from groups such as: LINK, Equity Leaders, Student Council, NHS, FFA, Bleacher Captains, GSA, FCA, DECA, SADD, Rotary Interact, and many sports teams.
Want to be involved?
Is this something you are passionate about?
Email Clara Olson or Olivia Gadberry at, Scroll down for meeting times! All are welcome to attend.
What is an Upstander?
What will be happening?
An Upstander, by definition is someone who is honest respectful, and erect. Someone who can stand up to someone who is doing something that is known as NOT OK. 
There will be many events going on at the high school. You can find more information about this on the "Be An Upstander" Twitter and Facebook pages.
  1. Why do this?
    There are issues in FLAHS with common kindness. People notice rude things being said to others, but do not stand up. We are going to instill and promote ways to stand up, so no one is at a loss for words when they do gain the courage.
  2. What is the point?
    There have been groups that have been victimized by physical and verbal action, face to face and on social media. We want to tackle the wrong doing and promote a feeling of being welcome and safe at school and online.
  3. Meetings
    Rm. 540, 7:30 a.m. -Thurs Jan. 5 2017 -Thurs Jan. 19 2017 -Thurs Feb. 2 2017 All are welcome!
How can I be an Upstander?
Have the courage to confront.
​Have the courage to consider.
Being an Upstander is having the courage to confront a single person, an action, or even a group about something that was inappropriate due to the situation. An Upstander will have the "courage to confront" someone with simple phrases like, "Hey, that's not OK". These phrases are not calling someone out, but instead calling someone "up". Calling someone "up" is confronting that they said or did something bad, but that does not make them a bad person. It's a "you are better than that" approach.
  1. Kindness video about highlighting the similarities in all of our differences, even with people we think we have nothing in common with.
    Common Kindness Video
  2. Leaders have been specially trained for this advisory day! Students will be educated about incidents that have happened to inspire this campaign to take place, what an Upstander is, and told about upcoming events.
    Advisory Activity
  3. Assembly at the high school for each grade level. A personal story will be shared, along with tips and tricks to become an Upstander. Emotional and group feeling evoked, several speakers.
    Assembly Day
  4. A chance for ALL students to get t-shirts and pledge to BE AN UPSTANDER. If a student pledges, they will be welcome to sign a banner, then when given a t-shirt students will use the t-shirt to show their commitment to have the courage to confront and consider, and wear the t-shirt on the special day.
    Lunch/Before School Event
  5. T-shirt wearing day for students that received a t-shirt from pledging. Students that wear their t-shirt to school will receive a special treat before the school day starts! A group picture will take place after school for students with t-shirts.
    T-shirt Day